SunMed Supports The Stop Smoking Service (mQuit)

A total of 11,818 smokers in the country had quit smoking through the mQuit service which was introduced last year. - Dr Chong Chee Kheong, Health Ministry’s Director of the Disease Control Division  The Stop Smoking Service, or better known as mQuit that is driven under the Ministry of Health has extended its services to a [...]

Future of Stem Cell with Cambridge, Oxford and Sunway

The Symposium is an excellent example of Sunway Group's corporate citizenship that will amplify the Government's efforts to enhance healthcare personnel capacity to increase accessibility, and collaborate with the Government in research and development. - YB Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam, Minister of Health, Malaysia The 2-day symposium was jointly organised by members of the School [...]

Cambridge University’s Collaborates with Sunway Clinical Research Centre

Sunway is determined to raise standards in healthcare and education, providing the best possible to not just Malaysians, but the 630 million strong population of the ASEAN region. - Tan Sri Datuk Dr Jeffrey Cheah, Sunway Group Chairman The Cambridge University together with Sunway Group and the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation had recently signed several agreements [...]

Leading Cancer Management Amongst Healthcare Experts

This session is designed to not only inform on our new technologies, but to also address the equally pertinent issues that our cancer patients face during the course of their care. - Dr. Ravi S Krishnapillai, Consultant Neurosurgeon & Organising Chairperson With the focus on Cancer, topics covered during this GP Symposium include emergent treatment [...]

白血病悄悄来到 经常偶然被发现

要说白血病(Leukemia)令人闻之丧胆,并不夸张。因为大众一般的认知是把白血病与“血癌”画上等号。虽然白血病无明显症状,也难以确定肇因,但通过适当的治疗后,患者还是有痊愈机会。 阅读更多


癌症的治疗方案涵盖手术、化疗、放疗等。一般上,医疗团队将依据病患的病况而选不同或综合的治疗方案。手术中放射治疗(IORT),就是其中一种在治疗癌症,尤其是乳癌与大肠癌上已日趋纯熟的全新放疗方案。 Sin Chew Daily 星洲日报 阅读更多

Be Your Bosom’s Buddy

Each year, about 5,000 Malaysian women are diagnosed with breast cancer. Find out more about the risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis and the latest treatment modalities from Sunway Medical Centre's Breast and Endocrine Surgeon, Dr Normayah Kitan Read More

Take Good Care of Me

What is quality healthcare all about? Hear from Sunway Group Healthcare Services Managing Director, Mr Lau Beng Long on his strategies and initiatives when it comes to the definition of quality healthcare. Read More

Fertility Public Forum in Kuching

Last 22 April 2017, Sunway Medical Centre organized a FREE Public Forum titled "Is Infertility A Women's Problem?" in Kuching. Held in the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching, SunMed's fertility experts were also joined by a local Consultant Obstetrics & Gynaecologist from the Sarawak General Hospital, Dr Edawati Dahrawi Edrus in sharing her thoughts on the [...]