SunMed Launches Intraoperative Radiation Therapy (IORT) for Early-Stage Breast Cancer Patients

Strengthens position as leader in Cancer Diagnosis and Management in Malaysia Mr Lau Beng Long, Managing Director of Sunway Group Healthcare Services (left) and Dr Ng Char Hong, Consultant Breast & Breast Reconstructive Surgeon, Sunway Medical Centre (right) officiating the launch last 7 March 2017 Bandar Sunway, 7 March 2017 - Sunway Medical Centre (SunMed) [...]

Eat healthy, the Malaysian way

HEAL February 21, Regardless of the article in Time magazine last year, nasi lemak is not a healthy breakfast option unless you replace the ingredient- coconut milk with low fat milk, white rice with brown rice , and sustainability increase the greens. Nasi lemak’s side dishes such as sambal sotong, beef or chicken rendang add [...]

Dilema kanser ketika hamil

Dr. Christina Lai Nye Bing Specialist in Clinical Oncology Systematic Therapy (Chemotherapy & Targeted Therapy), Radiotherapy (External Beam Radiotherapy & Brachytherapy) Click to view larger image 1 2 METRO February 19, Ketika kehamilan jarang berlaku dan insidennya dianggarkan kira-kira seorang dalam 1,000 wanita mengandung. Secara amnya, kemungkinan seseorang itu mendapat seiring dan usia, tambahan pula [...]

Children get arthritis too

Dr Cham Weng Tarng Specialist in Paediatric Rheumatology General Paediatrics, Paediatric Rheumatology Fit for life February 19, THE US centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published in 2015 that one in 250 children have some form of joint pain that may be related to either an autoimmune condition or infection. If the pain is [...]

Long Awaited ‘Rooster’ Baby Arrives After 13 Years

SunMed celebrates birth of first Rooster Baby this Lunar New Year! SUBANG JAYA, Jan 31 (Bernama) -- Sunway Medical Centre (SunMed) celebrated the birth of their first rooster baby for 2017 with a little surprise for little Mia Kong and her parents. Joining first time parents, Evonne Hooi, 32 and her husband Nicholas Kong, 36, the [...]

Pembedahan robotik kanser prostat 2017

Dr Chua Chong Beng Urology Click to view larger image 1 2 METRO Januari 22, Kanser prostat dicatatkan sebagai kanser keempat paling lazim bagi lelaki di Malaysia dan kedua paling ditakuti lelaki di seluruh dunia. Namun, ramai masih mengambil ringan mengenainya kerana menganggap ia hanya menyerang lelaki bersusia.

Advanced Innovative Solutions for Breast Cancer

FIRST PRIVATE HOSPITAL IN MALAYSIA TO INSTALL IORT The Intraoperative Radiation Therapy (IORT) delivers concentrated dose of radiation therapy during surgery (intra-operative), directly to the site of the tumor when the tumor has just been removed. This reduces side effects and most patients won’t need to undergo any additional radiation therapy at a later date. MADE IN GERMANY #ultib3-19055177415c70389a1a4b5 [...]

Tanda lahir boleh jadi sel kanser 2017

Dr. Lee Yin Yin Specialist in Dermatology Curettage and electrosurgery, Electrocautery, Excision, Skin biopsy Click to view larger image UTUSAN MALAYU Januari 5, Bayi baru lahir biasanya memiliki tanda lahir diesebabkan ketika hamil si ibu melihat gerhana bulan, malah ada juga yang mengaitkannya  dengan keinginan si ibu pada sesuatu ketika hamil tidak dipenuhi. Ada juga [...]