Total Knee Replacement (TKR) Package

Total Knee Replacement Package Package includes: 5 days (4 nights) 2-Bedded Ward stay and meals 1 Day Intensive Care (HDU) stay (Bilateral Knee Replacemet) Pre-operative blood profile Surgeon's Fees Anesthetist's Fees Anesthesia & Standard Anesthesia Charge Nursing Fees Routine Medication during hospitalisation Medical Equipment & Medical Supllies Walking Frame Implants Rehabilitation/ Physiotherapy Limited to maximum [...]

“Eat Right to Fight Cancer” – Nutrition Week 2018 [Ended]

Sunway Medical Centre is organizing a week-long series of activities in conjunction with Nutrition Week 2018, which focus on foods that can strengthen the body’s resistance to cancer, complement medical care and bolster recovery after treatment. This annual initiative was organized by the Dietetics and Nutrition Services of SunMed to reach out to its visitors [...]

The coconut oil debate

Coconut oil will have its detractors and supporters. But the key rationale seems to be to consume it in moderation. Continue reading to find out what Sunway Medical Centre's dietitian, Miss Michelle Gan Pei Chee has to say about this topic. Read more

Another source to boost Malaysia’s GDP

New Sunday Times April 2, HEALTH is no longer just another sector bleeding the country treasury. Today, it has a growing successful commercial arm in the shape of private hospitals that provide healthcare service for medical tourist-patient from abroad who pay economic cost for the treatment they seek. Sources: New Sunday Times

Early Diabetes Detection Save Lives 2013

Tan Suet Guan Chief executive officer Click to view larger image  New Straits Time November 5, With the sugar subsidy withdrawn when the prime minister unveiled the 2014 Budget more than a week ago, Sunway Medical Centre hopes to see more Malaysians being aware and in control of their sugar intake, which is a major [...]

In Total Darkness

Dr Tara Mary George Medical Retina Ophthalmology Click to view larger image 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 New Straits Time November 19, Have you ever imagined eating with your eyes shut or in total darkness? I experienced it at Dining In The Dark Kuala Lumpur concept restaurant ( recently.

Hazard of self medication 2014

Dr Shiamala Devi Saravana Muthu Assistant director of primary care and wellness Click to view larger image  1 2 3 4 New Strait Times Jun 10,  For most of us, falling ill means a quick visit to the doctor but for some people, going to the clinic is the last resort. Most families have at [...]

Better Hearing & Speech Month | Mobile Apps Recommendations

MAY IS BETTER HEARING & SPEECH MONTHMOBILE APPS RECOMMENDATIONS jQuery(document).ready(function($){ $('.ult-carousel-651475125c7041b239065').slick({dots: true,autoplaySpeed: 5000,speed: 300,infinite: false,arrows: true,nextArrow: '',prevArrow: '',slidesToScroll:1,slidesToShow:1,swipe: true,draggable: true,touchMove: true,adaptiveHeight: true,responsive: [ { breakpoint: 1025, settings: { slidesToShow: 1, slidesToScroll: 1, } }, { breakpoint: 769, settings: { slidesToShow: 1, slidesToScroll: 1 } }, { breakpoint: 481, settings: { slidesToShow: 1, slidesToScroll: 1 } [...]