Sunway Medical Centre recognizes the need to keep up with technological advancements that are scientifically proven to impact treatment outcomes and to make these treatments available to the public. We are the first hospital in Southeast Asia to offer the Leksell Gamma Knife® Icon™ treatment. With greater reliability and accuracy, very little discomfort and lesser radiation to healthy issues, the Gamma Knife is a gold-standard procedure in brain surgery. It is known for its precision, high success rate and ability to treat the most complex and challenging conditions that a conventional open-brain surgery can’t.

"Jesse is a stage 4 breast cancer patient with brain & liver metastasis. Before she decided to come to Sunway Medical Centre, Jesse was seeking treatment at other hospitals and even opted for alternative treatments & traditional Chinese medicine. Her life changed after she knew about the Leksell Gamma Knife Icon."
"Mr. Wilianto has suffered from lung cancer since 2014. Due to the two brain metastasis, we treated him with gamma knife in December 2017. Recent MRI scan shows good treatment outcome. But unfortunately, multiple new brain lesions were detected in current study and there was a need to repeat gamma knife treatment on in March 2018."
"Ms. Eslilis was suffering from trigeminal neuralgia for some seven years before Gamma Knife treatment was recommended to her. She required one session of the Gamma Knife treatment and has been pain free since November 2017."
"Mr. Yeong Mun Sum was diagnosed with brain tumour after experiencing discomfort in his eye and was suffering from blurry vision. Investigations showed that a tumour was pressing on the optic nerves. As a suitable candidate, Gamma Knife treatment was recommended."

Leksell Gamma Knife® Icon™

The Gamma Knife is not a conventional surgical knife in the traditional sense. In fact, there are no knives or scalpels involved, no incisions made. This “knife” refers to an array of 192 precise beams of gamma radiation that produces a powerful dose of concentrated radiation when converged at the treatment site.


The goal of the ‘Cycle of Care’ is to give patients the best chances of a positive outcome, enhanced quality and vitality of life through early diagnosis, optimal treatment interventions, a multi-disciplinary team approach and immaculate symptom control.


After the diagnosis of cancer by a primary consultant, the patient will be referred to an oncologist, who specialises in the treatment of

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The oncologist will conduct further investigations to find out more about the cancer, e.g. blood test, imaging, bone marrow, liver biopsy, colonoscopy,

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The oncologist will then discuss treatment options that are suitable for the patient and address any concerns the patient may have.

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Before each treatment, there will be a consultation with the oncologist. Regular blood investigations will be carried out as treatment

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Cancer patients at SunMed’s Cancer Centre can be assured comprehensive review of their disease and a combined multi-disciplinary plan by the team of

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The oncologist will then discuss treatment options that are suitable for the patient and address any concerns the patient may have.

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