Haemodialysis is used to treat kidney failure at the advanced stage. Wastes and excess fluid are removed during this process and pumped through a machine that helps do part of the work of a healthy kidney.

During a haemodialysis treatment, a patient sits next to a haemodialysis machine and two needles will be placed in a vein of the patient’s forearm in order for the patient’s blood to be pumped out and filtered.

The treatment does not hurt although some patients may experience nausea or dizziness. Usually, patients will spend their time there reading, talking, watching television or simply resting. Treatment lasts about four hours each time and it is necessary for patients to undergo haemodialysis three times a week for kidney failure.

The haemodialysis department at Sunway Medical Centre has 20 dialysis treatment bays that serve inpatients and outpatients, out of which two are specially designated for isolation cases (Hepatitis B and C).

The department also has a Haemodiafiltration (HDF) machine that caters to the individualized dialysis treatment, it will enhance the patients experience and clinical outcome.

Patients are served a light snack during the four-hour treatment and will be attended to by caring and well trained staff. The haemodialysis department is located on the lower ground floor at the west wing of the hospital with easy access from the car park. Free parking near the dialysis department is provided for regular patients while concierge services are offered to patients who require wheelchairs.


The Sunway Medical Centre haemodialysis department is a JPA and SOCSO appointed panel.

The haemodialysis department operates three shifts from 7.00am to 9.00pm, 6 days a week including public holidays. After hours, an on-call team is on standby for any emergency cases.

The hospital has two resident nephrologists who visit the patients regularly. The unit is supported by a team of 14 dedicated staff.

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