Visiting Hours

General Wards 11:00am – 1:00pm
5:00pm – 9:00pm
Paediatric Wards 11:00am – 1:00pm
5:00pm – 8:00pm
Maternity Wards 11:00am – 1:00pm
5:00pm – 9:00pm
ICU / CCU / HDU 11:00am – 1:00pm
5:00pm – 8:00pm


We strive to make your hospital stay as comfortable as possible. Here are some general information pertaining to your hospital stay:


Call-bell services in the ward are not chargeable. Please call for assistance.

Waiting Areas

Public waiting areas are located at the lift lobby of all floors


All patients’ rooms are equipped with a telephone to receive incoming calls. All outgoing calls are chargeable. (Local calls: press “9” followed by the required numbers. Outstation calls: press “0” to go through our operators.) Alternatively, there are public phones located at the lift lobby on all floors.


Meals are complimentart for in-patinets only. Food are supplied according to patient’s age and condition. Mealtimes are :

  • Breakfast : 8.00am – 9.00am
  • Lunch : 12.00pm – 1.00pm
  • Afternoon tea : 3.00pm – 3.30pm
  • Dinner : 6.00pm – 7.00pm
  • Night tea : 8.00pm – 8.30pm

Please use your own cutleries for non-halal food. A hot water flask is provided and hair dryer is available upon request.


Own electrical items are strictly not allowed in the hospital.


Smoking is prohibited in the hospital compound.


In the interest of safety, we request that you do not bring any valuables into the hospital. Sunway Medical Centre does not accept responsibility for loss or damage to personal properties.

Please have a look at the guidelines provided here: Admission Flow |  Discharge Flow.

The following information is divided into three categories to accommodate the different types of patients, namely:

Sunway Medical Centre offers quality accommodation equipped with facilities that cater to every patients’ needs. During the admission process, you will be handed a form to indicate which room type you prefer. However, as the hospital does not accept pre-booking of rooms, the actual room accorded to you will be subject to availability. Meals are complimentary for in-patient.

Should you have any specific requests, please speak to any of our staff. We will do our level best to make your stay with us a pleasant one.

Standard Single RM268
Deluxe Single RM338
Premier Single RM378
Deluxe Suite RM700
Premier Suite RM1,688
Two Bedded RM150
Four Bedded RM95
High Dependency Unit (HDU) RM300
Neonatal HDU (NHDU) RM300
Cardiac HDU (CHDU) - Four Bedded RM228
Surgical / Medical Daycare Ward RM80
Delivery Suite (per usage) RM300
General Nursery RM75

*All rates quoted are subject to revisions from time to time by Sunway Medical Centre.


What to Expect?

Here is a checklist that can help you prepare before your appointment with your doctor:-

  • Compile all your documents to bring to your doctor’s visit:
    • Copies of any tests, x-rays, or medical histories relating to your medical problem.
    • Completed medical history questionnaire.
    • A list of all current medications taken on a regular basis, including over-the-counter and herbal medications.
  • Review any special directions from your doctor about diet or medication restrictions prior to your appointment.
  • Get a friend or relative to accompany you if you wish. Depending on the type of appointment you have, you may need someone to take you home.

During Your Appointment
To make the most of your appointment, prepare a list of questions and remember to express your concerns to your doctor.

Not sure what to ask?
Here are some examples of questions to ask your doctor

About Your Treatment
What are my treatment options?
How long will the treatment take?
What is the cost of the treatment?
Which treatment is most common for my disease or condition?
What side effects can I expect?

If You Need Surgery
Why do I need surgery?
What surgical procedure are you recommending?
Is there more than one way of performing this surgery?
Are there alternatives to surgery?
How much will surgery cost?

*Sources: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality:

After Your Appointment:-

  • If you need to see another doctor, we will ensure that we will make every effort to schedule additional tests and consultations at the earliest available time.
  • If you need to be hospitalised, we will organise your admitting arrangements and provide the hospital with information before your arrival.

The preparations for your surgery usually depends on your diagnosis, as your doctor will discuss on how to prepare you before your surgery take place. However, if you have to undergo general anesthesia, you may be required to do the following:-

  • Stop drinking and eating for a certain period of time before the time of surgery
  • Shower or clean, and possibly shave the area to be operated on
  • Undergo various blood tests, X-rays, electrocardiograms, or other procedures necessary for surgery
  • Sometimes a patient may be asked to take an enema the evening before surgery, to empty the bowels. Please check with your physician.
  • Do not wear makeup the day of surgery
  • Do not wear nail polish
  • Do not wear your eye contacts
  • Leave valuables and jewelry at home
  • Get advice from medical staff if you have dentures or other prosthetic accessories you may be wearing

In order to experience a more comfortable and efficient process, patients are advised to bring the following:

  • Loose-fitting clothes to wear
  • Insurance and medical card information

After Surgery: Discomforts

The amount of discomfort following surgery depends on the type of surgery performed. Some typical discomforts include:-

  • Nausea and vomiting from general anesthesia
  • Soreness in the throat if the patient needs artificial ventilation (the soreness is caused by the tube placed in the windpipe for breathing during surgery)
  • Soreness and swelling around the incision site
  • Restlessness and sleeplessness
  • Thirst
  • Constipation and flatulence

Be rest assured that we are committed to providing quality patient care whereby our professional staff will do their best in ensuring your optimal recovery after your surgery.